Death Star
death star
Deathstar Plant:
Deathstar is an outright Indica medical marijuana strain that is comprised of the cross genetics of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. As the offspring of two of the most prominent medical marijuana strains on the market, Deathstar is certainly a forced to be reckoned with. By boasting a name that is a mixture of both of its parents, this is a medical marijuana strain that could easily have you up in outer space somewhere near where the Deathstar would've been. Remember folks, it was in fact blown up in Star Wars. Taste, smell and high are all of the highest quality and have long been regarded as a patient's go-to choice. Patients must make note of this strain's high potency level.

Deathstar Effects:
Immediately felt after exhale. That's the best way to describe how this strain can penetrate a patient's body and have them feeling completely medicated after only two hits. I've heard reports and first-hand accounts of patients whom have some of the highest tolerances and could not handle this strain. Deathstar has patients knocked out with a complete head high after their initial smoke and have maintained an increased level of focus throughout. The high typically lasts somewhere around an hour and a half to two hours. Great strain to smoke for a good afternoon or for a nice evening after a stressful day.

Deathstar Uses:
Deathstar has been known to be an amazing medical marijuana strain for patients who suffer from conditions such as chronic to debilitating pain within the body, severe stress, chronic anxiety and trouble sleeping. Patients who suffer from nausea and a lack of appetite from complications of chemotherapy are also easily alleviated when using Deathstar as their medicinal choice.

Deathstar Cons:
Patients who have used Deathstar as their medical marijuana strain of choice have only complained of dry eyes and dry mouth, which are two of the most commonly-reported side effects of any medical marijuana strain on the market. In severe cases, which has been reported only a handful of times, is that patients have felt slightly dizzy from overmedicating.

Overall, Deathstar has been regarded as some patient's favorite marijuana strain of all time. It all depends on what specific type of high, medicating and level of focus you are trying to achieve. With a very strong smell, a taste that remains unrivaled and a high that is capable of ending a night early - this strain is one of the better ones on the market for sure. This is a great medical marijuana strain for patients who have high tolerances, and is capable of medicating to the fullest extent. Great for severe pain or any of the above mentioned conditions. Potential for couch lock is inevitable when smoking any Indica so please keep that in mind.

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