Cheese Plant:
Cheese is an Indica-dominant medical marijuana strain that has been known to possess an extremely fruity smell, similar to that of cherry and mixed berry, and bright emerald green buds. If there's one thing that you will notice before anything, it is the immense amount of bright orange hairs that are flourishing throughout each bright nug. This strain is a direct result of the cross genetics of Exodus Cheese and Afghani, two potent strains to have as parent plants. Cheese's taste is similar to that of a fruity skunk.

Cheese Effects:
This particular strain has very strong medicinal effects and produces a very powerful buzz. By providing patients with an immediate head high and a kind of dazed feeling, it begins to relax the body into a more mellowed out and enjoyable type of high. After the initial dazed and confused feeling wears off, patients are provided with instant pain relief and a clear conscious to maintain a great mindset throughout your day. This strain is capable of causing anxiety attacks though for beginners who are new to smoking.

Cheese Uses:
Cheese is a great medical marijuana strain that can directly alleviate and reduce symptoms of conditions such as chronic pain throughout the body, severe depression or anxiety disorders, and ultimate relaxation. This strain is great for taking a breather and just relaxing the rest of the day. Due to the fact that it is a Sativa, patients do not have to worry about any form of couchlock setting in.

Cheese Cons:
The only reported downside of this strain would be one that is directed at beginner smokers. If you over-medicate with this strain, you may be in store for a panic attack or an acute sense of paranoia.

Overall, Cheese can be considered a very great and extremely reputable medical marijuana strain. This strain boasts very high medicinal qualities and is capable of having a patient become medicated in an enjoyable and comfortable environment. Depending on where you get this strain from, variations will occur and certain batches will seem more "cheesy" than others. It should be noted that this strain is strong enough for beginners that it may produce negative side effects. Seasoned smokers love this strain.
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